When a 2.5 metre high Transformer walks through Ivano-Frankivsk city park it unsurprisingly attracts a lot of attention.

Some want to touch them and have their photographs taken with them - others are afraid!

Anna Ohol, who co-created these costumes, loves seeing the affect they have on people.

Since her childhood she's had a dream of creating robots and artificial intelligence.

She explains that her Transformers costumes each consist of around 20 separate parts and are as true to the hit toys TV series and films as she can make them:

"We try to reproduce the most recognisable characteristic features. The costumes are unique because they have electronic equipment - this is attractive light that people enjoy in day and night time, and programme effects such as steps, voice, music."

She makes the costumes along with her husband Pavlo Ohol.

They started their business "Any Robots" 4 years ago, when conflict in their native city of Donetsk forced them to leave it.

In 2016 they moved to western Ivano-Frankivsk and started to work as designers and costume manufacturers.

Anna is responsible for programming and effects, while Pavlo works on developing models and their look.

"We develop each costume for quite some time. It is a very labour-intensive process that takes three to four months. I have good experience in this and pay a lot of attention to make the robots spectacular, beautiful and user-friendly," says Pavlo.

Ohol says he spends hours watching the Transformers films to make his new models as accurate as possible.

The main material he uses for the costumes is a light kind of rubber, but he includes plastic and metal elements as well.

Each costume weighs around 15 kilogrammes and the Ohols try to make them as comfortable as possible - since the actors will need to move around a lot while wearing them.

"It seems to me that the idea (to create Transformers) comes from the childhood and some deep thoughts and dreams. We wanted to create robots, I entered the Institute of Informatics of Artificial Intelligence. I had a dream that someday I will make robots, it didn't become real robots and artificial Intelligence, but we have costumes with relevant programming effects. They are being used in interesting unusual shows. And people like it," says Anna.  

George Gache is the owner of big event agency in Romania and has come to shop at Any Robots.

He first saw one of their Transformers on show in Qatar and now wants to include them in his events.

"Where we have been we haven't seen these kinds of robots and made so well. So this is the main reason we came here because this is the first place and the first time we've seen people doing these kinds of costumes in really good details. This is why we chose to go," he says.

Any Robots has made around 85 costumes so far and continue to work on new models. They've appeared in events all over the world from Latvia and Qatar to the US.

The average price of a Transformer costume is around 2,000 to 5,000 US Dollars.

Transformers were originally toys made in the 1980s by Hasbro, but went on to be turned into a children's TV series and a number of science fiction films.

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