The man has always dreamt of an ideal helper who would be able to solve any problem. The creation of the first robot is attributed either to Leonardo da Vinci, or to Albert of Cologne, the German bishop and scientist. Robots made by people often look like humans. That’s what made androids different from other robot-like creatures, which are now frequent guests of fantasy novels and movies. The most well-known androids are Data from the Star Trek franchise, and C3PO from the Star Wars saga. Our Android is not so moody, as the character of George Lucas. He would perfectly suit any show, party, or an exhibition. This character is a typical robot as people can imagine it. It’s an ideal tool for promo actions and large advertising campaigns.


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Android – Guest from Digital Civilization

2 650,00$Цена
  • The costume is equipped with enhanced LED illumination. LED strip lights frame his whole body, making the costume glow in the dark, attracting the people’s attention. There is enough space on his breastplate to bear the logo of your company. The costume is quite comfortable and light, and it looks quite realistic. It also has an inbuilt voice modulator, and a loudspeaker. The costume set includes also special black underwear for an animator, accumulators, a repair kit, and a recharger.

  • Who is our new hero, the #RobotAndroid?
    Would you like to know his story?


    Humanity needs robots. It would be difficult to imagine a large corporation without these mechanical assistants. And big companies should be represented by bright characters. The present-day marketing often turns to using robots as symbols future technologies, progress, and even immortality. Surely, robots living side by side with people would be similar to our Android.


    This costume created by #AnyRobots has much in common with movie characters (films Bicentennial Man, Star Wars, #Chappie) and robots from ads – remember the android representing the #Nod32 antivirus software. At the same time, our Android is an absolutely new character. This costume can be used in any promotion campaigns by large companies and enterprises.

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