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The costume of the transformer Arcee, made in the workshop of AnyRobots, is intended for the host of the show of transformers. This suit impresses with its cosmic design and high level of comfort. The ergonomics of the costume allow the presenter to move freely and interact with the audience, creating a unique atmosphere during the show.


In addition, Arci's transformer costume is equipped with software lighting, which enhances the cosmic effect of the costume and provides a more dynamic and impressive look of the host on stage. All elements of the costume, from the helmet to the boots, have lighting accents that enhance the effect on the audience.


The Arcee Transformer Costume is a great addition to any sci-fi robot themed show. With its help, the presenter can create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere that will captivate the audience and make the show unforgettable.

Arcee transformer costume

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