Transform your party or a kids’ holiday to a trip to Jurassic park! A real dinosaur can be easily invited to your event. Your friends, guests, or visitors will get unforgettable memories after communication to a real T-Rex, which is tamed, polite, and obedient. Dinosaurs produced by the Ukrainian company Any Robots inherited the best qualities from its fierce ancestors, but he himself is good-natured and very sociable. This costume will suit any animator and doesn’t demand any special skills. Its outfit is an exact replica of a mighty T-Rex. 


The T-Rex costumed from Any Robots was developed with the participation of historians, who deeply investigated the Mesozoic Era and the animals of that time. The costume is an accurate copy of a real tyrannosaur – all, but for a smile. Yes, the dinos made by Any Robots can smile, and its facial expression is not at all aggressive. Thus, animators can use this costume to play with and perform in front of kids of all ages and never scare them.


This costume had many advantages. Its outfit is an accurate copy of its prototype- the tyrannosaur from the Jurassic Park movies. The costume is seven meters longs and weighs 50 kilos. It’s the largest version of a T-rex costume. Currently, the company is developing a few more, smaller costumes. Thus, consumers will be offered several versions of T-Rex costumes. The smaller ones will be five meters long weighing not more than 30 kilos.


In spite of its huge size, the tyrannosaur costume is convenient to use. The costume has an aluminum framework that makes the suit as light as in accounting for its size. A special anchorage system allows animator managing the costume easily. While wearing a T-Rex suit an animator can walk, bend, move the jaws, imitate biting and produce the sound of growling.


Special equipment enables an animator to accompany his show with realistic sounds. Those buying a costume will also receive a special stand that can be used for storing a suit, or putting its parts together. You may also order a collar and later surprise your guests by showing them a tamed dinosaur.


This suit is one of the many costumes produced by Any Robots. The firm focuses on making detailed replicas of transformer robots, equipped with light and sound effects. You may choose among the costumes of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Megathron, Stinger, and other transformers, as well as many other robots – characters of popular films, comics, and computer games.

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Awesome Tyrannosaur costume for circus & events

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  • The Mesozoic Era was a fantastic time. All the lands were gathered in one supercontinent and tropical climate dominated over the major part of the soil. Warm the and moisture turned all the fertile lands of the continent into jungles, waters were rich in fish, and the dry land belonged to reptiles. It used to be the golden age for dinosaurs; they grew huge in size and strength. The most famous among them was T-Rex, whose body was up to 14 m long, he was 5 m high and weighed almost 9 tons. His teeth were as big as a human palm, he had mighty jaws and was a quick runner. All this made T-Rex the most dangerous, but at the same time – the brightest representative of that epoch. If a human being had appeared at the earth at that period of time, it would have been a challenge for him to prove that Homo Sapiens is the pinnacle of biological evolution. T-Rex can be often seen in numerous films, comics, computer, and video games. This guest from the prehistoric times is as old as 200 bln years.


  • The dinosaur costume has an effective outfit and is easy in use for animators. The costume of a T-Rex preserves natural proportions of a tyrannosaur body. There is an aluminum frame inside a costume that distributes the costumes weight and makes it comfortable for animators to wear it. While wearing a T-Rex costume you can easily walk, go upstairs and downstairs, and even dance to music. Special fastenings enable an animator moving the dinosaur’s head and jaws. A T-Rex can growlor imitate biting. Besides, you shouldn’t control the dino’s tail, the costume design allows the tail to move by itself. Mind that a costume can be easily taken apart, and such costumes elements, as the head, body, tail, and the legs can be preserved in a special stand that is supplied with a T-Rex costume. The stand can be also used for assembling the costume. This is a technological bonus from the Any Robots firm. Foreign analogues of a T-Rex costume cannot be dismantled. There is also a fan inside the costume that makes working in it yet more comfortable.

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