Male astronaut suite for sale

Welcome to real space!
Space is always attractive and many dreamed of becoming space explorers astronauts.
AnyRobots helps make your wildest dreams come true.
We made costumes of astronauts based on the Hollywood movie Interstellar.

Costumes are very realistic and designed for use in the video industry. Costumes of astronauts were created according to all the requirements of the film industry. It took more than 1200 hours of handmade work by our designers to create the costumes. Thousands of hours of design, but they are worth it. Look at these costumes and you yourself will understand everything.
The camera sees every seam, every detail, every docking element. And we tried to create astronaut costumes so that there wasn’t a flaw anywhere.
The customer of these costumes, the video operator and director, was delighted with the products received. For the first time in his life, he wanted to become an actor, to proudly wear these costumes.
Costumes of astronauts are lightweight, durable, ergonomic. Actors can easily take complex shots all day and feel comfortable. A cut of costumes models a figure and makes a person a real hero.

Male and female astronaut costumes are made in the same style. But actually they are very different. These are completely different two costumes. Women's cosmonaut costume emphasizes a female figure, chest, waist. The force of the heroine remains feminine even in a spacesuit. The difference between male and female costumes is the same as between real space equipment and acting props. By the way, in our suits of astronauts, actors can work comfortably for more than 12 hours. While real NASA spacesuits weigh 136 kg.

Interstellar astronaut suite (male)

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