If you want to to buy a costume of a transformer or an android, the armoured suit of Iron Man – is what we have to offer. He is one of the most cute superheroes in the Marvel universe. His name is Tony Stark, and he is an ingenious scientist and wealthy businessman. Once kidnapped by terrorists, he created a powerful suit of armor to escape and save his life. Later Tony became a superhero and has often saved the humanity from many evils. This fictional hero appeared in comic books in 1963 and since then his popularity never faded. You may buy an exact replica of the Iron Man costume are provided by the Ukrainian company Any Robots. The manufacture is located in Ukraine, but the costumes are sold worldwide. The company also offers a variety of costumes of robots - transformers. This one of the best companies manufacturing robot costumes for animators in the world.


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Iron Man - Costume to be Envied by Tony Stark

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  • #IronMan – is a light and convenient suit that can be used at play dates, corporate and promotional events, costume parties, various recreational and public shows. It’s very realistic and suits any animator, not depending on his age.

    The costume is equipped with a voice modulator, as well as light and sound effects. It looks like a real robot, not an animator in an armored suit. As for the sound effects, a modulator changes the voice of an actor to make it sound like that of a robot. It also changes the voice’s timbre. Such a high quality Iron Man costume can be bought only from the Any Robots firm.

    The costume is also equipped with a loudspeaker that amplifies the actor’s voice.

    Light effects:

    • light up eyes that make the costume look more realistic (the replica of the costume from the Iron Man movie),

    • “reactor panel” on the chest,

    • palms are lighted up with diods working autonomously from the rest of the suit. They are recharged through a mini-USB connector.


    Mechanical effects:

    • moving helmet visor. A helmet of the Iron Man costume is a very important element. An animator can automatically open and close a helmet visor. With an open visor it’s easier to communicate with the audience. This effect is especially loved by kids.

  • Pretty often we want to make our show unforgettable, remembered by both kids and adults. We need something peculiar to be added to our event, be it an exhibition of modern technologies, or a corporate party. That's why we offer you realistic costumes of robots transformers and a suit of an Iron Man. Thanks to our Iron Man costume, one of the most popular comic and film characters can join your show. There is no challenge in this universe, that Iron Man could not face. Thus, it would be easy for him to make your holiday unique and totally different from other such shows.


    We have a scenario developed especially for this costume. We call it “The Iron Man Party”. The plot envisages various competitions during which the superhero will choose member for the Avengers. This is team of superheroes founded by Tony Stark and later joined by captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, etc. The scenario and a specially recorded soundtrack are provided to all buyers of the Iron Man costumes and partners of the #AnyRobotsClub.


    The Any Robots company produces suites of transformer robots on order.

    Our catalog offers dozens of robot costumes for animators and cosplayers. We produce costumes of transformers, androids, superheroes, and all the necessary stage prop, like smoke guns, blasters, and air cannons.


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