Megatron, one of the most powerful Transformers, has been the chief of Deceptions since he founded their uprising. He is always challenging Optimus Prime, the leader of Autobots. If there is no Optimus nearby, Megatron can challenge anyone. His skills are perfect, he is a technical wonder among Transformers, unfortunately – a corrupted one. He is a legend is the world of robots, with an impressive charisma and spectacular appearance. Megatron will turn any event into a bright show that will deeply impress your guests. 

In his fandom Megatron is an evil leader, but he is a living proof, so to say, of powerful robotic technologies. This character can be invited to any event, he can perform the role of a robot, a sentinel, or a superhero from the world of Transformers. This transformer costume is very impressive, evil characters always have a string charisma, and Megathron is no exception. You can also invite other Transformers to your holiday or presentation, like Optimus Prime or Bumblbee. Any Robots have developed a series of costumes dedicated to the Transformer’s fandom. Animators wearing the costumes of these powerful robots can make a show for your guests; perform a mock battle, to hold a contest, etc.  They will turn any event into a unique one. Such impressive and easy-to-use costumes are not produced by anyone else in Ukraine. They are among the best producers of robotic costumes for entertaining events in the world market. 


This costume recreates the appearance of Megatron in all details. The Megatron robot costume is a new project of Any Robots. This Transformer costume is the most exact replication of the film version of Megatron. The costume is large, complicated in form, but convenient in use. It’s robot mascot of a universal size to be worn by male animators (man’s height must be 180 – 200 cm). The costume adds 60 cm to your natural height. The Megatron Transformer costume is developed for professional animators working in showbiz. 


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Transformer Megatron - Steel Leader of Decepticons

4 000,00$Цена
  • Megatron is one of the largest and most powerful transformers. He is almost invincible for attacks. In a battle he traditionally uses a thermonuclear gun, but can also apply a plasma gun and a sword. He is one of the Transformer warriors, a mart and a sly opponent. However, when confronting Optimus Prime, Megatron relies mostly on his physical force, which makes him loose all the time. Megatron is a clever and decisive Transformer robot. He is respected by both allies and enemies. Theis robot costume will turn any party into an unforgettable show. 

  •  The suit kit includes:

    1) Costume of giant Transformer Megatron.

    2) Sound effects:

    - voice modulator,
    - megaphone,
    - transformation effect (illumination lights flash with red and blue to the “transformation soundtrack” from the films),
    - pronouncing memorable phrases from the movies.

    3) Light effects:
    - RGB lights on the robot’s body that can change the color to mark the “transformation” moment,
    - illuminated helmet (red eyes).

    3a) Additional light effects:
    - boots (red and blued cluster LED lights),
    - hips (red and blued cluster LED lights),
    - forearms (red and blued cluster LED lights),
    - shoulders (red and blued cluster LED lights).

    4) Accessories included into the suit kit:
    - a costume is equipped by a clawed talon,
    - one kind of weapon (blaster or a smoke gun)
    - underwear suit for an animator
    - repair kit
    - recharger
    - batteries,
    - instruction manual.

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