Optimus Prime Sword for sale.

Game props for animators robots Optimus Prime sword created in the workshop AnyRobots

The real Optimus sword has super precise detail, an impressive 190 cm length, a minimum weight of 1 kg, and LED blade illumination. Optimus Sword is a light, durable, impressive weapon of transformers.


Thanks to modern technology and the work of our designers, we recreated the blade ornament of the original Optimus Prime sword.
To create a greater WOW effect, we added light effects. The sword flickers brightly with blue and red flames, adding magic and appeal to your show.

The Optimus Prime sword can be used for transformer robot shows as an interactive props - the weapon of transformers. Adults and children are always impressed by the giant length of the sword as much as 190 cm. Despite the impressive size and electronic equipment, the sword is very convenient for the operator of the giant robot, because the weight of the sword is only 1 kg. Do not be afraid to use the sword for active games, the Optimus Prime Sword is reinforced with metal from the inside.

To order suits of transformer robots or to buy an Optimus Prime sword, call +380687557847 (whatsapp / viber)

Optimus Prime Sword


    Who created: Solus Prime
    Who owned: Prima, Optimus Prime

    Where it appears: the animated series Transformers: Prime, the game Pulsar Defense
    The Prime Sword instills fear into enemies: it is a powerful weapon with impressive dimensions. According to legend, the sword was created from three transformers. Only Prime’s hand can own it, and this should be taken literally: in order to control the sword Megatron had to transplant his arm from one of the Primes. A star sword strikes opponents even at a great distance - such impressive power in the waves it produces. Using this weapon in the animated series Transformers: Prime, Optimus damaged a soaring Decepticon ship. The transformer itself was on Earth.

    To order suits of transformer robots or to buy an Optimus Prime sword, call +380687557847 (whatsapp / viber)
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  • Characteristics #OptimusPrimeSword
    Especially for the #OptimusPrime costume, the #AnyRobots workshop created a realistic sword of the leader of all the good Autobot robots Optimus Prime.

    Its technical characteristics are impressive. The length of the sword is 190 cm. This size of the weapon corresponds to the size of the two-handed sword of the giant robot Optimus Prime.

    The weight of the weapon is only 1.2 kg.

    #Optimus sword is equipped on both sides with an LED strip to create lighting effects.
    The operating time of the sword on one battery charge is more than 5 hours.

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