Whatever transformer shows up to your party, kids (and often adults) ask if Optimus Prime takes part in it. And the only correct way to explain his absence is to remind how many important matters he has to attend at the Cybertron planet. But it’s better for you to have Optimus at your event, because such a character is really an advantage.


Optimus Prime is the most famous representative of the Transformers fantastic universe, invented yet in 1980-s but popular until now. Transformers are mighty robots that can transform into various cars. Optimus Prime, for instance, usually transforms into a Freightliner cab. The outlook of this truck is clearly visible in our Optimus costume. We produce robot costumes - the exact replicas of well-known film and comics characters. Sometimes, our costumes are more detailed than those used in film shootings (we made a full suit of an Iron Man, while American filmmakers created only separate parts of this costume to be shown during close ups).


Optimus is a fearless knight, an ideal leader of autobots. A noble and brave warrior, he appears almost in all films, cartoons and comics books dedicated to Transformers. He always sides with the humans and tries to protect them from various extraterrestrial troubles. Any of his adventures may be turned into a party scenario. Buy the robot costume of Optimus Prime and make your show unique!


You may invite several transformers to your event. Apart from Optimus we may also offer you costumes of his friend and assistant – Bumblebee, the smartest robot from the Optimus’ team. We have also the costume of autobots’ major antagonist – Megatron, the head and warlord of the Decepticons. Together they can perform a mock battle using “weapons” like blaster or smoke guns. One weapon goes in the kit with a costume when you buy one. You can also buy additional weapon units.


The transformer costume is designed for an adult man (175 – 190 cm tall). It can be used in professional shows and street fests.


Link to the video review of the costume on the Any Robots YouTube channel:



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Optimus Prime – Sentinel of the Earth

3 650,00$ Обычная цена
3 500,00$Спеццена
  • The suit kit of Optimus Prime includes: 


    Costume parts:
    - helmet (with a voice modulator)
    - body frame (with illumination effect and a microcomputer)
    - back part
    - shoulders
    - forearms
    - gloves
    - belt
    - hips
    - shins
    - boots

     2) Sound effects: 
    - voice modulator
    - megaphone
    - pronouncing memorable phrases from the movies
    - step sounds.
    3) Light effects:

    - illumination of the front and back parts of the torso 
    - illuminated helmet
    - illuminated arms
    - illumination of the boots.

    4) Other accessories included into the costume kit: 
    one kind of weapon (blaster or a smoke gun)
    underwear suit for an animator
    repair kit


    Link to an instruction manual: 


  • Optimus Prime appears in almost all cartoons, comics books, films, books, and video games about Transformers. Unchallenged leader of autobots, Optimus has an arch enemy - Megatron. 
    Optimus tries to make this world a better place without violence, as far as it is possible. But if necessary, he is ready to fight for justice. 
    As an offspring of ancient Transformers, Optimus Prime is a wise and strong leader, he is calm and restraint even in extreme situations. All these features, as well as good fighting skills make him invincible. This doesn’t mean he is totally invulnerable. Almost any film about Transformers end with the death of Optimus. But he always revives and turns even more powerful than before. 
    Optimus Prime possesses an ancient artifact known as the Matrix of Leadership. This legendary talisman preserved the wisdom of Transformers accumulated for centuries. It helps Optimus find solutions for the most difficult problems. It also assists autobots in their struggle with the Decepticons. 

    With such a character as Optimus Prime your event will be a great success. 


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