PLAZMA minigun - an impressive game props for shows, games, photo sessions and special effects. Plazma gun is made in the image of the fantastic weapon PLAZMA minigun from the computer game FallOut. PLAZMA is used for transformer robot shows, paper shows, confetti shows, animators, organizing photo zones, and implementing entertainment in a fatastic concept or theme.

PLAZMA minigun is equipped with 6 steels and a motor, has an impressive shape and raskmer. PLAZMA gun implements the following stage effects:

Wind turbine - blowing objects around you with a powerful stream of air, blowing, spraying, implementing entertainment with the wind.
Confetti - throwing small paper objects, confetti, sparkles from space weapons. Partial confetti loading of consumables, as well as continuous supply through the upper hatch of the gun, can be organized.
Sound effects - when the Plazma gun operates in confetti / wind mode, the stage effects are accompanied by a powerful engine sound.
Lighting effects - Plazma gun is equipped with a bright LED illumination on the trunks with the ability to configure different flashing modes. LED effects work from batteries, no network connection 220 is required.
Decor - Plazma gun has the appearance of an impressive space weapon. It is used as a balster for organizing interactive program shows and photo shoots.

PLAZMA minigun GRAY (confetti / nerdy show props)

  • Specifications Plazma minigun:

    - length Plazma guns in assembled condition 135 cm

    - the device is disassembled into 2 parts for transportation

    - motor power 2.5 kW

    - LEDs powered by a lithium-ion battery pack

    - motor power from the mains 220


    Available for ordering colors: Red, Green, Blue, Gray.
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