Create mascot  for company Total 


In 2018 we had great challenge to make the perfect robot costume for the @total one of the largest oil companies in the world.

#ANYROBOTS was not the first company who tried to make robot costume #Totalquartz. Best crafters from different European countries tried to make this robot costume. You may see their results in this post.
I am realy glad, that our Ukrainian #robotcostume in real life is even better then at this photos. It looks like real alive robot and has voice and led effects.
We are proud of such result and now we are ready for new projects .
Every costume #AnyRobots is something incredible and impressive. Our costumes are used for big companies and private kid's parties, entertainment and show effects, advertising or organizer for visitors to this or that exhibition.😎🔝 So give us your ideas - we will realise your robot dreams.


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Robot Costume mascot for Total

10 000,00$ Обычная цена
5 500,00$Спеццена
  • Total Costume was created in 2018. Now we are creating even more realistic robotic costumes from high impact plastic, which will last you many years. We use more advanced electronics and can offer impressive special effects for your robot.


    For example, the Total Quartz robot has become a symbol of Total at promotions and festivals; it has given many gifts to children and adults. Even Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman was photographed with this robot.


    In Kiev, the robot Total was also a member of many festivals and conferences. For example, he met Arnold Schwarzenegger when he visited Ukraine. Also, the Total robot was invited to one of the largest contemporary culture festival Comic Con Ukraine 2018 in eastern Europe. More than 20,000 spectators and guests from different countries attended this festival, and the Total robot proudly represented its company. A lot of events took place with the Total robot, because this costume is very realistic and the audience wants to see real robots.

    We know that Total ordered robots in other countries. But the result was not quite consistent with the level of Total.


    The robot costume made in Ukraine turned out to be impressive. Adult people were amazed at its detail and very realistic proportions of the robot, not the person. Our costume made in 2018 was equipped with a human voice to robot voice converter, LED eye and face lighting. Also, specially for this project, we have developed reflective panels that imitate the effect of liquid oil flowing through the pipes of the engine.



    Our robot costume studio is growing rapidly. We update technology and equipment. And over the years, we have gained much more experience in creating sophisticated robot suits. Therefore, if you are looking for partners to create a company mascot character - AnyRobots is the best option!



    Such a costume will become a worthy mascot of the company, your leadership and thousands of spectators around the world will impress.


    To order robots, call +380687557847 (whatsapp / viber)


    Send your sketches to us

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