You can make any event, holiday, or birthday party unforgettable if you show your guests something they haven’t seen before. And they surely haven’t seen a Stinger – a mighty spy robot from the Transformers universe. Stinger is a new development by Any Robots available for clients worldwide. They can be used by animators, businessmen, and event managers. The robot costumes of Any Robots have been already acquired by event managers in the USA, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Egypt, Qatar and the CIS states.


Stinger appears in the film Transformers: Age of Extinction and a series of comics books about Transformer robots. He is one of the mightiest man-made robots. Stingers were created by people inspired by Transformers’ technologies. Human engineers claimed their robots were improved versions of Autobots. Stinger, for instance, was supposed to be an advanced variation of Bumblbee. According to the film plot (Age of Extinction) the Autobot himself was angry to find that out and couldn’t rest until defeated Stanger in a battle. In comics books and films Stingers are evil-doers, but in a show they can side with both positive and negative characters. Mind, that Any Robots have ready-to-use scenarios for every costume on sale. The scripts can be adapted to any entertaining and business events, like exhibitions, presentations, etc.  


Transformers can be invited to any show. Remember, that Any Robots have costumes of several most popular Transformer robots, like Optimus Prime, Bumblbee, Megatron, Arcee, and Stinger. Animators in robot costumes can hold a competition for your guests, or make a mock battle using prop blasters and smoke guns. Every Transformer costume suit includes one sort of weapon, but you can buy more prop weapon units if you wish. Every robot costume is equipped with light and sound effects.


All costumes by Any Robots are easy-to-use and don’t need any special skills. While wearing such a costume, an animator can walk and dance, play with kids, go up- and downstairs. In a Stinger Transformer costume you can work indoors and outdoors. Alongside with a robot costume, you’ll get batteries, spare parts and even a special underwear suit for an animator. We have foreseen everything to ease the work of an animator and make your event unforgettable.


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Stinger – Robot Wonder, Created by Humans

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  • Stinger was created by people who investigated and tried to improve the Transformers’ technologies. He differs from Cybertron robots when it comes to a transformation process. Stinger consists of numerous pieces that can be reattached and assembled in a different form. This process is called partsforming and was effectively depicted in the movie. When Stinger changes his form, he turns into an Italian sports car, red-and-black Pagani Huayra. In a car form Stinger can go with a top speed of 225 km/h.


    Stinger is a chameleon robot, he can disguise himself as a Bumblbee so convincingly, that even Optimus Prime cannot distinguish them.  

    Stinger is a fearless warrior; he attacked Optimus Prime, the strongest among Autobots, without any hesitation. Stinger is also known as a spy robot.


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