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The android costume created by #AnyRobots echoes many famous characters. He can be called the grandson of the robot from the movie "200 Year Old Man", the brother of the robot from the #Nod32 anti-virus screensaver and the stormtroopers from #StarWars.


Who is our new #RobotAndroid hero? Do you want to know his story? Humanity is striving for robotization. Without robot assistants, it will soon be difficult to imagine a large corporation or company. And a serious company needs appropriate heroes. Therefore, modern marketing very often refers to the idea of a robot as a symbol of future technologies, progress and even immortality. What would robots living among people be like? Such as our unique hero.


He looks like the heroes of many commercials and reports about partner robots, he is definitely a relative of #YaRobot and #C3PO, a friend of #robotChappy, #R2D2 and all the robots on the planet. Regardless, our #Android is a brand new hero. It can be used for any promotional purposes of the large corporate sector.


Android Robot Costume

  • The Android robot suit is equipped with enhanced LED lighting. The LED strip emphasizes the organicity of its forms. Illumination frames the arms, legs, eyes and torso - in fact, the entire costume glows and shimmers in the dark, attracting attention. He has enough space on his chest to place your company logo.The suit is very comfortable, movable, light and realistic.It is equipped with a voice converter and a loudspeaker.Included with the suit is underwear for the animator (black), a set of batteries, a repair kit and a charger device.

  • A person has always wanted to have an ideal assistant at hand who would be able to do everything in the world. The creation of the first robot is attributed either to Leonardo da Vinci or to the German philosopher and scientist Albert of Cologne. By creating such a robot, a person often made it look like himself. It is the similarity with a person that distinguishes androids, without which not a single novel or film in the fantasy genre can do now. The most famous among the androids are Data - the hero of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and C3PO - the protocol robot from the Star Wars saga. Our android is not as capricious as the hero George Lucas. He will be happy to please the guests of your show, party or visitors to a particular exhibition. Our android embodies the common associations of people about robots living side by side with us. This costume is ideal for promotions and advertising of a large corporate segment. To buy an android costume, contact us:


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