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Cyberpunk headset is a futuristic accessory on the face, specially designed for creating exciting videos in the style of cyberpunk. This headgear combines advanced technology, LED lighting and metallic elements reminiscent of implants, giving you a unique cyberpunk look.

The main feature of the Cyberpunk headset is an LED backlight located along the contour of the headgear. It can instantly change color and intensity, creating vivid effects that will help you create futuristic atmospheric lighting during filming. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to give your videos a real cyberpunk aura and excite your viewers.

In addition to LED lighting, the Cyberpunk headset also has metal elements that resemble implants. These elements are located on the exposed areas of the headgear, giving you a true cybernetic look. They look like microchips implanted directly into the skin. This aesthetic design adds authenticity to your video and enhances the impression of a cyberpunk atmosphere.

Cyberpunk headset was developed from Anirobots workshop. It is made of lightweight materials to ensure comfort during long shooting sessions. In addition, the accessory can be easily adjusted to individual head shape and face shape.

Cyberpunk headset

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