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A Fog cannon for a robot show is an exciting effect that can be created at any event where robots are used. This device allows you to shoot smoke rings, which adds spectacularity and dynamics to the show.

Features of the Fog cannon include the ability to adjust the size of the Fog rings. For this, the cannon has an additional nozzle that allows you to release both large and small rings of Fog. This makes it possible to create a more impressive effect and add more fun to the performance.

The Fog cannon is connected to the Fog machine, which ensures its operation. The device works on the principle of air release, which allows you to shoot Fog  rings at a long distance and accurately direct them to the desired object. In addition, the Fog cannon can be easily controlled by the operator, which allows you to adjust its operation in real time.

Kids and adults are always delighted with this robot Fog cannon game. It can create unforgettable impressions and make your performance more dynamic and exciting. To order a Fog cannon for a robot show, contact AnyRobots company specializing in the production and sale of this type of equipment.

Fog cannon for a robot show

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