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I am glad to present to you our new attraction, which will be a real fun for the whole family - a game called "Falling Balls".

The idea of this game is that balls randomly fall out of four holes, just like the famous game on the Nintendo console. But our attraction offers to do it in the real world!

Players will have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing "Falling Balls" in the most interactive format imaginable.

This attraction will be a great addition to any amusement park, shopping center or playground. "Falling balls" will attract the attention of both children and adults, and can become an excellent addition to any children's party or corporate event.

Our team is ready to provide full support during the installation and setup of the attraction, as well as provide the necessary equipment and materials.

Don't waste time and order "Falling Balls" right now! Be the first to offer this exciting attraction to your customers and guests.

Folling balls party game

  • The set of the falling balls game includes:
    3 metal frames with banners and pictures (you can choose your own game design)
    A set of electronics with a control unit
    A container for balls with a system of random supply of balls
    A niche with a motor for supplying balls to the top of the structure

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