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LATMAN - robot costume super hero of Latvia

LAT MAN is a new super hero of Latvia. The robot suit is made in the AnyRobots workshop.


The light and comfortable robot suit is used for children's and adult shows, holidays, corporate parties, costume parties, advertising, promotions, entertainment and social events.


The costume is painted in the colors of the national flag of Latvia - carmine red and white.
The chest of the robot is decorated with national symbols - two lions and three stars.


The national symbols are combined with the effects already necessary for robots. The suit is equipped with a human-to-robot voice converter, an audio system, and LED illumination of the body and arms.

Video review of the LatMan costume is available at the link:

   Such a costume will be a highly demanded guest at all festive events of a national scale. AnyRobots turns the most daring ideas into reality. Each country should have its own national iron patriot. There is already LatMen in Latvia, Ukrmen in Ukraine. Who is next?

Latman Robot Costume

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