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The lunar rover, created by the AnyRobots workshop, is an innovative electric vehicle designed for space and futuristic filming. The appearance of the Lunar Rover resembles a real lunomobile used by NASA astronauts on the surface of the moon during the Apollo missions.


The Lunar Rover is a full-fledged electric vehicle capable of accelerating to a speed of 40 km/h and lifting loads weighing up to 600 kg. This unique lunar rover can navigate a variety of surface types, including dirt roads, off-road, fields, rocks, rubble, and sand. Its high permeability allows the Lunar Rover to be used to capture space landscapes in the most remote and difficult conditions.


The Lunar Rover is available for purchase or rental from AnyRobots. In addition, the AnyRobots company provides delivery of the lunar rover to European countries, as well as provides training and support during filming. This means that you can get professional help and advice from AnyRobots experts during the process of shooting with the lunar rover.


With the help of the company AnyRobots, you can also order the manufacture of your own futuristic electric vehicle that will meet your individual needs and requirements. The AnyRobots team of specialists is ready to implement your ideas and create a unique vehicle of the future.

Lunar Rover electric vehicle

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