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Megatron is one of the most powerful Transformers, the permanent leader of the Decepticons, and always challenges the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. If he is not around, Megatron is ready to challenge anyone. He is mechanical perfection in the world of Transformers, unfortunately, which has become the path of evil. Megatron is a legendary character from the world of Transformers, he is very charismatic, and his appearance is amazing. Megatron seems like the perfection of robotics. No matter what event this hero attends, he will leave an unforgettable impression on the visitors. Despite the fact that in his universe Megatron is an anti-hero, he embodies the power and might of robotics and modern technologies. This hero can be invited to any holiday, he will be perceived as a powerful robot, a loyal guard or just a superhero from the world of Transformers. If you already have transformer costumes, then for a real confrontation between good and evil you need a charismatic and impressive Megatron. This transformer costume is very effective, because according to the laws of drama, evil characters must always seem cooler and stronger than good ones. We remind you that we have other characters in this universe. This is Optimus Prime and his assistant Bumblebee. Together, they can play a show, a mock battle, hold a contest, etc. in front of the guests. This will make your show unique, because no one else in Ukraine makes such spectacular and comfortable costumes for animators. And on the world market, they have practically no equal.

We recreated all the details of the appearance of this robot in our costume of the leader of the Decepticons. Megatron from AnyRobots is the most new, complex in shape, the largest and most detailed Megatron suit available on the world market. It is used for the professional work of animators as a robot doll. The costume is designed for an adult man, its size is universal (the height of the animator should be about 180-200 cm). It should be remembered that the costume adds 60 cm to the height of the animator. Megatron is designed for the professional work of artists in show business.

Video with the costume:

To buy a Megatron growth suit, contact us:

Megatron Trensformer costume

  • The set includes:

    1) Suit of the giant transformer Megatron

    2) Sound effects:
    voice converter
    new transformation effect (the body of the robot flashes red and blue to the sound of the transformation from the film)
    music and phrases from the film

    3) Light effects:
    RGB illumination of the transformer body from all sides with the effect of color change during transformation
    helmet illumination (red eyes)
        3a) Additional illumination:
    boots (red and blue cluster illumination)
    thighs (red and blue cluster illumination)
    forearm (red and blue cluster illumination)
    shoulders (red and blue cluster illumination)

    4) Accessories included:
    the suit is equipped with a movable claw - a hand
    1 weapon of choice: wrist blaster or smoke cannon
    underwear for the animator
    repair kit
    operating instructions for the suit.

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