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Female robot costume inspired by Nova Sterctaft

The AnyRobots workshop surprises its fans again with a new project - the NOVA female robot suit. The designers of the workshop were inspired by a character from the game StarCraft to create this incredible costume. It is interesting that this is the costume ordered by an artist from South Korea, where the game StarCraft is very popular.


The suit looks very impressive and modern. All the elements of the suit are equipped with software lighting, which has many modes of operation. This allows the costume to create different light effects, which makes the exhibition even more exciting. Body overalls are made using high-quality 3D printing on fabric with an author's print.

The high-tech reactor on the back of the suit attracts special attention. This reactor not only adds an impressive look to the costume but also enchants the audience.

In this robot costume, you can feel like an incredibly feminine girl or even the main character of a computer game or a fantastic movie.


All in all, the AnyRobots NOVA Women's Robot Costume is not just a show costume, but an incredible engineering masterpiece that proves that craftsmanship and technology can amaze and inspire.

Nova Starcraft Costume

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