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Blaster Optimus Prime for robot show


The robot workshop AnyRobots has released a new interactive element for the program show - a blaster gun for the robot Optimus Prime. This gun is made with the most modern technologies and is 85 cm long.


The gun is equipped with sound and light effects that give more realism. When the trigger is pressed, there is the sound of cosmic shots - single and long shots.


Optimus Prime's blaster pistol can be additionally equipped with a laser sight that allows you to shoot bullets. This powerful weapon is used as an element of the interactive show program and allows the audience to feel a part of this exciting world.


Optimus Prime's blaster pistol is manufactured in the AnyRobots workshop, which guarantees its quality and reliability. This innovative weapon has become popular among spectators who love to take pictures with it and get an unforgettable experience from the show.

Blaster Optimus gun

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