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Costume transformer Bumblebee (Bumblebee) from the movie "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction". Realistic cosplay costume. Used for animators as a robot puppet. Costume adult male, universal size (animator's height 175-190 cm). Designed for professional work in show business.


Bumblebee, the legendary transformer, is the major symbol of the Transformers universe. He showed up in cartoon series about transforming robots even earlier than protagonist Optimus Prime. Car enthusiasts know that the Autobot was inspired by quite a real car – Chevrolet Camaro. This yellow and black robot was always a fan of the movie audience. In his cartoon adventures Bumblebee was not the largest Autobot, but the most cunning and clever one. Thanks to that he became a right-hand man for his friends in the Transformers universe, and in this world the costume of Bumblebee will create an unbelievable show for your guests. He can take part in ad campaigns, exhibitions, festivals, parties, and cosplay shows.


The costume is a replica of the Bumblbee Autobot. It’s quite large (2.2 m tall), but rather light (12 kilos) and convenient in use. An animator in a costume can make all sorts of moves. He can walk, dance, move his head or wave his hands, thus making a robot look mobile and flexible. It corresponds with the emotional character of Bumblebee. It’s a male costume for a high man (175 – 190 cm tall). The costume can be used in professional shows and street fests.


Link to the video review of the costume on the Any Robots YouTube channel:

The costume kit also includes weapons: 
- Canon gun / smoke gun / shield / sword
- Software Management. Sound and light special effects.


To buy a costume contact us:


whatsapp:+380 68 75 57 847

by Viber: +380 68 75 57 847

Bumblebee New Transformer Costume

  • With such a character as Bumblebee from the Transformers franchise you can develop plenty of scenarios and make every show unique and unforgettable. Our experience proves this is one of the most favorite characters, popular with both kids and adults. Presently, it’s the most character ordered or invited to all sorts of events, including children’s parties, night club shows, and advertising campaigns. The Ukrainian company Any Robots produces Bumblebee transformer costumes and sells them worldwide.

    Technical Features of the Bumblebee costume

    • huge height – 220 cm,
    • shoulder width – 110 cm,
    • costume weight – 12 kilos.


    Weapon to choose

    (one item goes with one costume, more items can be bought for extra fees)

    Bluster/smoke gun.  

    The costume is program-controlled and is equipped with light and sound special effects. 

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