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Mammoth costume Ice Age Cosplay

Uniс robotic mammonth  costume made in AnyRobots costumes studio


Recently, more and more shows and circuses use realistic dinosaur and mammoth costumes to attract the attention of the audience. These suits are created on the basis of the most modern technologies and materials, which allows them to look as realistic as possible.


Such shows usually attract the attention of not only children, but also adults who are interested in history and archeology. Costumes of dinosaurs and mammoths allow the audience to be transported to the times when these majestic animals lived on our planet.


Do you really want to impress your viewers? Do you need a costume for a commercial or a theater performance? Then you definitely need a realistic mammoth costume!Our store offers a wide selection of mammoth costumes, made individually to order in the Anirobots workshop. This costume of a small-legged mammoth will allow you to feel like a real explorer of the Stone Age. Costumes are made of high-quality materials, which allows them to be as realistic as possible. They will definitely not leave anyone from your environment indifferent!In addition, mammoth costumes can be used for promotions, parties, and program shows.

Contact us +380687557847 ( viber/whatsapp/telegram)  Anna


Mammoth costume

6 500,00$ Regular Price
5 500,00$Sale Price
  • This costume can work in 2 modes as a costume and as animatronic statue.

    The mamonth has special sensor so it reacts to people walking near by with  blinking his eyes and buzzing.

    It also has steerable trunk. You may  move the trunk, catch some subjects, blink eyes and  buzz sounds using   Bluetooth connection smartphone or operating inside the suit.

    Inside the suit operator has 2 fans for good air circulation,  control panel, led lights,  camera.

    Contact us +380687557847 ( viber/whatsapp/telegram)  Anna

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