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Transformer Optimus Knighr 2023 on stilts.

The peculiarity of this robot suit is its gigantic stature and the newest, most technologically advanced electronic equipment. The design and form, as always, are unsurpassed in the new transformer robot costumes made in the Anirobots workshop.


We did not waste time during pandemics and developed technologies for creating robot suits.

Transformer suit 2023 is undoubtedly the most technologically advanced robot suit

Optimus Knight Transformer costume

  • AnyRobots is pleased to present its newest product, the Optimus Prime Knight Transformer Costume for the show. This suit is not only made of high-quality materials, but also equipped with advanced technology.

    One of the main features of the suit is a voice converter that allows a human to sound like the robot Optimus Prime. This makes the show much more realistic and effective.

    In addition, the suit is equipped with software lighting that synchronizes with music. This allows you to create an unparalleled atmosphere at any event. Every movement of the costume, every sound is coordinated with the music and lighting effects.

    An extremely powerful audio system built into the suit allows you to transmit sound over a long distance, which is very important for show programs. The sound of the robot Optimus Prime sounds powerful and bright.

    An additional bonus is the ability to control robot elements using a Bluetooth remote control. This allows the actor-performer to slightly change his performance and interact with the audience.

    Optimus Prime Knight transformer costume is the perfect solution for any show, festival or conference. With the help of this costume, you can create an unforgettable impression and leave your audience in awe. Contact AnyRobots for more information on this product and to order it for your show!


    Link to the video review of the costume on the Any Robots YouTube channel:


     contact us:

     whatsapp/viber/telegram:+380 68 75 57 847

  • In a Transformer 2023 suit, the actor moves on comfortable professional construction stilts. In this way, we add as much as 65 cm to a person's height. The suit is designed for a height of 170-195 cm. The height of the robot character with the average recommended height is as much as 245 cm.

    Transformers 2023 costume sound effects:

    The transformer suit is equipped with a human-to-robot voice converter, a loudspeaker, and an audio system.

    A powerful stereo audio system is built into the high boots of the transformer suit. Accordingly, the sound of the robot will be like in a powerful car.

    An audio module with recorded audio recordings is installed in the Transformer 2023 suit, just like in previous models.

    Novelty! We added a bluetooth module to the Transformers 2023 costumes. Now you can control the robot and turn on music from your phone.

    Light effects transformer robot costume 2023

    The robot transformer suit 2023 is equipped with pixel software lighting. Each LED is controlled by a special program and changes its color.

    Novelty! Musical background. Now you can choose a light mode that syncs with your music.

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