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The robot costume for the show "Mask" Ukraine is an exciting combination of impressive design and advanced technologies, developed by AnyRobots company on a special order for the TV channel.


One of the main features of the costume is its impressive design. The suit is made of high-quality materials, which makes it very strong and durable. In addition, every detail of the suit is made with the greatest attention to detail, which allows you to create a unique image of the robot.


In addition, the suit is equipped with software lighting that synchronizes with music. This allows you to create unforgettable impressions and emphasize the effectiveness of the performance. Every movement of the costume, every sound, every melody is coordinated with the lighting effects, which makes the show even more dynamic and exciting.


The robot costume for the show "Mask" Ukraine is an ideal solution for any television program, festival or conference. With the help of this costume, you can create an unforgettable impression and leave your audience in awe. Contact AnyRobots for more information on this product and to order it for your show!

Robot costume The Masked Singer Ukraine

  • This robot  costume was made for The Masked Singer Ukraine TV show.

    The design was  created by Lesia Patoka ukrainian Designer.

    All patterns, technical and electrician details were crafted in AnyRobots costumes studio by robot designer Pavlo Ogol.

    The main feature of this robot costume was its electronic effects. This robot has program driven led lights all over the costume. So all the audience and juges were diply impressed, when robot shined diffent lights synhronised with music.


    The robot also has voice changer and  sound system.

    The robot costume has also Blutooth connection to connect your device music with robot sound system. So robot may play different music you wish.

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