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Spark Quest

Quest props for animators "Spark" is an exciting interactive game, which is made in the workshop of AnyRobots. This quest has 4 magnetic keys, which the host gives to the participants of the game as the tasks are completed. The keys must be used to activate the cosmic spark, which is the main element of the game.

Iskra has pixel software lighting, magnetic and touch sensors, thanks to which each participant can interact with it and move it around the game. But to activate the last effect and complete the quest, all participants need to place their palms on the spark.

This quest will become a real decoration of any event and holiday where children and adults are present. Players will be able to feel like heroes of a space epic and get a lot of positive emotions from the game. The "Spark" quest is not just a prop for animators, it is a real adventure spectacle.

Spark Quest

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