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The Stinger was created by humans based on research into transformer technology. As a result, the robot is very different from the Cybertronians - it doesn't just tarnsform. It splits into thousands of small particles that in the blink of an eye transform the robot into a powerful Pagani Huayra sports car and vice versa. In car form, the Stinger is capable of speeds up to 225 km/h.


Stinger is a robot chameleon, he can change color, becoming indistinguishable from Bumblebee.


Stingers are brave warriors, one of them did not hesitate to attack even Optimus Prime, the strongest of the Autobots. The stinger can also do the job of a scout.

Stinger Transfoprmers Costume

  • Any show, holiday or birthday can be made unforgettable if you show guests something they have never seen before. And they definitely never met the real Stinger - a powerful reconnaissance robot from the Transformers universe. The Stinger Transformer Costume is a new product from Any Robots, available to customers worldwide. Are you an animator? Businessman? Event organizer? Our transformer robot costumes will decorate any event in any country in the world. Any Robots costumes are actively used by event managers in the USA, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Egypt, Qatar and the CIS countries.

    Stinger became famous as the hero of the movie "Transformers: Age of Extinction". His name translates as "stinging". According to the plot, he is one of the powerful warrior robots created by people who dreamed of subordinating transformer technology to themselves. The Earthlings succeeded, as they believed, in improving the technological secrets of the Autobots. Stinger - a reconnaissance robot, was an improved copy of the popular Bumblebee transformer. Upon learning of this, Bumblebee himself was seriously angry. Apparently, people really managed to create a serious competitor for him. Later, the Stinger robots become enemies of humans. But the storylines of this universe allow Stinger to be both a "light" and "dark" character. This fact will come in handy for animators when developing the plot of your show. However, for each character we have ready-made scenarios for both entertainment and business events (exhibitions, presentations, etc.).

    Characters from the world of Transformers can "fit" into almost any event. Moreover, Any Robots offers you several heroes of this world at once. We have transformer costumes like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Arcee and Stinger. As part of your show, animators dressed in robotic costumes can put on a contest, contest, or prank "fight" with blasters and smoke cannons. Each costume includes one type of "weapon", but you can purchase several, for example, blasters for an additional fee. Each robot suit is equipped with spectacular lighting and has a set of sound effects.

    All Any Robots costumes are comfortable to wear and do not require any special skills from the animator. Wearing such a costume, the animator can walk, dance, play with children, go up and down the stairs. In a transformer suit, you can work both outdoors and indoors. In addition to the costume, you get batteries, spare parts, and even a set of special underwear for the animator. We have provided everything to make the work of animators easy and your holiday unforgettable.

    To buy a Transformer Stinger costume, please contact us: +380687557847

  • Stinger is a superstar in the world of robot suits. This is a new generation suit. A very complex and well thought out character. Stinger is equipped with illumination of all parts of the body. The Stinger also boasts highly detailed skeleton paint.

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