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The Total suit was created in 2018. Now we are creating even more realistic robot suits made of impact-resistant plastic that will last you for many years. We use more advanced electronics and can offer impressive special effects for your robot.


For example, the Total Quartz robot has become the symbol of Total at promotions and festivals, it has given many emotions to children and adults. Even Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman was photographed with this robot.


In Kyiv, the Total robot was also a participant in many festivals and conferences. For example, he met Arnold Schwarzenegger when he visited Ukraine. Also, robot Total was invited to Comic Con Ukraine 2018, one of the largest contemporary culture festivals in Eastern Europe. More than 20,000 spectators and guests from different countries attended this festival, and Total robot proudly represented his company. A lot of events took place with the Total robot, because this costume is very realistic and the audience wants to see real robots.

We know that Total ordered robots from other countries. But the result turned out not quite corresponding to the level of the Total company.


The robot suit made in Ukraine turned out to be impressive. Adult people were surprised at his detail and very realistic proportions of a robot, not a person. Our suit, made in 2018, was equipped with a human-to-robot voice converter, LED eyes and face lights. Also specifically for this project, we developed reflective panels that mimic the effect of liquid oil flowing through the engine pipes.



Our robot suit making studio is growing rapidly. We update technologies and equipment. And over the years, we have gained a lot more experience in creating complex robot suits. Therefore, if you are looking for partners to create a company mascot character - AnyRobots is the best option!



Such a costume will become a worthy mascot of the company, impress your management and thousands of spectators around the world.


To order robots, call +380687557847 (whatsapp/viber)


Send your sketches to us

Total Quartz Robot Costume

  • The Android robot suit is equipped with enhanced LED lighting. The LED strip emphasizes the organicity of its forms. Illumination frames the arms, legs, eyes and torso - in fact, the entire costume glows and shimmers in the dark, attracting attention. He has enough space on his chest to place your company logo.The suit is very comfortable, movable, light and realistic.It is equipped with a voice converter and a loudspeaker.Included with the suit is underwear for the animator (black), a set of batteries, a repair kit and a charger device.

  • A person has always wanted to have an ideal assistant at hand who would be able to do everything in the world. The creation of the first robot is attributed either to Leonardo da Vinci or to the German philosopher and scientist Albert of Cologne. By creating such a robot, a person often made it look like himself. It is the similarity with a person that distinguishes androids, without which not a single novel or film in the fantasy genre can do now. The most famous among the androids are Data - the hero of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series and C3PO - the protocol robot from the Star Wars saga. Our android is not as capricious as the hero George Lucas. He will be happy to please the guests of your show, party or visitors to a particular exhibition. Our android embodies the common associations of people about robots living side by side with us. This costume is ideal for promotions and advertising of a large corporate segment. To buy an android costume, contact us:


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